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Environmental Education Promotion and Ecological Resources Survey Project of Guizikeng Soil and Water Conservation Outdoor Classrooms


















The unique history of the Guizikeng Soil and Water Conservation Outdoor Classrooms has made it an excellent model for environmental education facilities and venues. This project promotes soil and water conservation through various environmental education activities.


Promotion of soil and water conservation from history

Guizikeng is located at the foothills behind Fuxinggang, Beitou District, Taipei City. Since the Qing Dynasty, the region has been extensively mined for sandstone and white porcelain clay, thereby causing considerable damage to the region’s surface, which lead to poor conditions of the soil and water.


In 1977, the Vera typhoon in Taiwan caused major landslides in the downstream of the Guizikeng river. Therefore, the Taipei City Government set up regulations to prohibit the mining of porcelain clay as well as using various soil and water conservation approaches such as plant maintenance, gird type slope protection, etc., in order to gradually restored the original landscape of Guizikeng.


The Soil and Water Conservation Outdoor Classrooms launched in 1983 which has become an important location for viewing, promoting and educating the public on the concept of soil and water conservation.


From 2014 to 2016, the Guizikeng Soil and Water Outdoor Classrooms began to design specific environmental education courses that encompasses the unique environmental features and neighboring local history, in order to promote the importance of soil and water conservation and environmental protection.


The integration of ecological surveys and environmental education

In order to allow more people to understand the interaction between human and nature via the history of Guizikeng, our team improved the environmental education courses, and designed new teaching tools, as well as assisting Guizikeng Soil and Water Outdoor Classrooms in applying for the Certification of Environmental Education Facilities and Venues by collecting past environmental education achievements and field materials for the application process. We also produced multimedia films based on the history and natural features of Guizikeng.


To better understand the ecological status of Guizikeng, our team conducted ecological surveys on the surrounding area and trails, and the information was incorporated into the environmental education courses as well as provide recommendations and strategy for the management and conservation of the natural environment of Guizikeng.


Execution year: 2017

Authorizing Agency: Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government

Keywords: Certification of Environmental Education Facilities and Venues, multimedia, environment education of slope, environmental education