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The North Gate neighboring community development - Advertising demonstration












The plans for redevelopment of west Taipei, the original splendor of Taipei’s historic North Gate, has been returned to the Taipei citizens after the Zhongxiao Bridge had been officially dismantled. The establishment of the North Gate as the center

integrating the Ministry of Railways, Taipei Post Office, Futai Street Mansion, Mitsui house and the Qing Dynasty Arsenal etc., reappeared in the city view of Taipei, representing the coexistence of history and modernity.


Invalid old and new advertising signboards coexist in the neighborhood

The urban area of Taiwan is a mix of residential and commercial space, so business practices is commonly active in all neighborhoods. The merchants displayed full information and characteristics of their store all over the signboard to catch the attention of consumers, thereby distinguishing Taiwan’s street visual culture from other countries. However, people today suffer from information overload with a variety of advertisements having too many messages filling people's lives which leads to tiredness or even irritation, and therefore advertising signboards are no longer effective in attracting people.


In addition, the disarray of signboards have made the city view cluttered and chaotic so the Taipei City Government issued a guideline for setting up advertising signboards on buildings in 1996. The camera street shopping area near the North Gate accepted subsidy for the replacement of signboards from the government. However, the guideline is unable to adapt to each local conditions, resulting in a gap between the government and the public, which made it difficult to achieve the expected benefits.


Deconstructing local recognition of signboards by community development

Our team invited professional designers and signboard merchants to demonstrate the advertisement process through community development, and communicated with the residents in the local community. With continuous discussions, this project gradually reached a consensus on signboard renovation with local industries. Under the guidelines of the North Gate Control Zone, this project considered the signboards required by the community in the area, and defined the significance of signboards during different eras through interviews, trips, community consensus from workshops, resulting in the completed renovation of signboards in six locations.


Execution year: 2016

Authorizing Agency: Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office

Keywords: community development, signboard renovation

  • 執行時間:2016年

  • 主辦機關:臺北市都市更新處

  • 執行團隊:景澤創意有限公司

  • 聯絡方式


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