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海綿家族 | 新海一期人工濕地

「來來來!我是海綿家族年紀最大的新海一期爺爺,講起我的歷史歲月啊...... 年輕人,我在講你有沒有在聽?」


民國92年臺北縣政府(今新北市政府)環境保護局,挑選 #新海橋#大漢橋 間大漢溪的右岸高灘地,構築以人工濕地淨化新海抽水站排水渠道污水,經過生態工程設計與施工,新海一期人工濕地在民國93年完工,是大漢溪人工濕地裡面最早建設完成的人工濕地。




許多國中小學都會來新海一期人工濕地進行生態戶外教學,這裡設有 #導覽步道 及解說牌,學校師生或一般民眾可以自行遊覽,也可以向主管單位申請專人解說,對濕地生態進行更深入的了解。

大漢溪人工濕地導覽申請 :


濕地小教室 -人工濕地的汙水處理功能



參考資料 新北市政府高灘地工程管理 維基百科 行政院環保署水質淨化現地處理網站 台灣濕地保育網 台灣濕地網 環境資訊中心


【Sponge Family | Xinhai Ⅰ Artificial Wetland】

: "Come! I'm the Xinhai Ⅰ grandfather, who is the oldest in the Sponge Family . Speaking of my history... Young man, I'm talking, are you listening?"


In 1992, Department of Environmental Protection Taipei County Government (now New Taipei City Government) chooses the high riverbank on the right bank of Dahan River between #Xinhai Bridge and #Dahan Bridge to purify the sewage from the drainage channel of Xinhai Pumping Station by building a Artificial Wetland. After ecological engineering design and construction, Xinhai Ⅰ Artificial Wetland was completed in 1993, which is the earliest Artificial Wetland in Dahan River Artificial Wetland.

After 17 years of natural trial, the ecosystem of Xinhai Ⅰ Artificial Wetland has stabilized. The microhabitats formed by tall-grass attract many animals to inhabit and reproduce that make Xinhai Ⅰ Artificial Wetland a conservation hotspot with rich ecology, and also the highlight of the Artificial Wetland education.

The establishment of Xinhai Ⅰ Artificial Wetland is just the beginning, New Taipei City Government has successively built other Artificial Wetlands in Tucheng. The banks of the Dahan River are no longer waste and sewage flow across the river discharged by factories or farmers but a great place where people can enjoy the water willow forest, the flying silver willow in spring, and see a flock of gray-throated martins to feed at dusk in autumn!


Many primary and secondary schools will come to Xinhai Ⅰ Artificial Wetland for ecological outdoor teaching, and there are #guided trails and interpretive signs here. Teachers and students or the general public can not only tour by themselves but also apply to the competent authority for a special person to explain for gaining a deeper understanding of wetland ecology.

Guided tour application for Dahan River Artificial Wetland :


Wetland Classroom - Sewage Disposal Function of Wetlands

Artificial Wetlands with the main goal of treating waste water is a technology for using the self-organized ecosystem of wetlands.

By using the principle of natural purification can filter or absorb pollutants and reduce odor. It also provides a variety of wildlife habitats by the planting species, density and open water space configuration of aquatic plants, and the water level and flow rate of each unit. Less smelly air, more colorful animals and plants, people can observe and appreciate at close range, more people can deeply understand the value of wetlands through the tour.

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