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海綿家族 | 華江人工濕地

「一隻鳥、二隻鳥、三隻鳥...真酷,我這邊好多鳥喔! 快看那一群人來我這裡做什麼?」

華江人工濕地面積13公頃,位於大漢橋下游右岸的灘地,每日約處理9000噸板橋地區的生活污水,經由初沉池沉澱污物後,污水朝著低莖草澤濕地、埤塘濕地和高莖草澤濕地共構的淨化系統流去,4.7天後,潔淨的水源最後進入 #感潮濕地 ,隨著潮水漲退流入大漢溪。

在濕地漫遊的過程,若想更認識人工濕地,可以到附近華江橋下方的 #大漢溪濕地生態廊道服務中心,那裡有專業的志工老師提供諮詢服務,若是團體還可預約濕地導覽喔!

大漢溪人工濕地導覽申請 :


濕地小教室 - 濕地提供鳥類棲息地的功能


根據生態調查的結果顯示華江人工濕地大約有 49 種鳥類 ,常見的陸鳥有 #白頭翁#褐頭鷦鶯#粉紅鸚嘴#斯氏繡眼;水鳥有小鸊鷉、紅冠水雞、磯鷸、大白鷺、小白鷺、翠鳥。 特有亞種有9種,包括金背鳩、南亞夜鷹、大卷尾、樹鵲、褐頭鷦鶯、白頭翁、粉紅鸚嘴、山紅頭與八哥;保育類共有3 種,黑鳶、八哥、紅尾伯勞。 外來種有野鴿、喜鵲、黑領椋鳥、家八哥與白尾八哥、黑頭文鳥(引進種)共 5 種。

參考資料 1. 新北市政府高灘地工程管理 2. 新北巿高灘地人工濕地經營管理與功能效益分析計畫


【 Sponge Family | Hwajiang Artificial Wetland】

:"One bird, two birds, three birds... That's cool, there are a flock of birds here! Look what those people are doing here? "


HuajiangArtificial Wetland is 6.5 hectares in area, which is located on the right bank downstream of Dahan Bridge. HuajiangArtificial Wetland treats about 9,000 tons of domestic sewage in Banqiao area every day. After sedimentation through the primary settling tank, sewage flows towards the purification system composed of low grass wetlands, pond wetlands and high grass wetlands. After 4 days, the clean water finally enters the #tidal wetlands , and flows into Dahan River as the tide fluctuation.


If you want to know more about artificial wetlands during the walking, you can go to the #DahanRiverWetlandTourismCenter under Huajiang Bridge. There are professional volunteers to provide consulting services. If you are visiting in groups, you can also reserve a wetland tour!

Guided tour application for Dahan RiverArtificial Wetland :


Wetland Classroom - The Function of Providing Bird Habitat

Hwajiang Artificial Wetland is located in a bird habitat area, it is also one of the important habitats for migratory birds to spend winter in Taiwan every year. However, there are a lot of tourists in the riverside park near the high riverbank. In order to avoid human disturbance and increase the habitat of birds, high-stemmed grass swamps, low-stemmed grass swamps, open water, and tidal flats are set up to isolate the interference of human activities and create habitats suitable for birds.

According to the results of an ecological survey, there are about 49 species of birds in Hwajiang Artificial Wetland. The common land birds are #Chinese bulbul, #plain prinia, #vinous-throated parrotbill ; water birds are tachybaptus ruficollis poggei, common moorhen, common sandpiper, great egret, little egret, common kingfisher. There are 9 endemic subspecies including oriental turtle-dove, caprimulgus affinis stictomus, black drongo, gray treepie, plain prinia, Chinese bulbul, vinous-throated parrotbill, red-headed tree babbler and crested myna; There are 3 species of conservation, black kite, crested myna, and brown shrike. There are 5 kinds of exotic species, including rock dove, black-bellied magpie, black-collared starling, common myna, javan myna, and chestnut munia (introduced species).

References 1.New Taipei City Government High Riverbank Construction Management Office( 2.Constructed wetlands operation management and evaluation in New Taipei City

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