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On-Site Community Planner of Datong District (Changji Corner On-Site Studio)














In order to reach a consensus on the development vision of Taipei City, our team reviewed past practices and referred to the case experiences of various countries. On-site community planner expert of Changji Street inventoried the regional resources and social networks of north Datong District and established partnerships with local communities.


Issue collection and community companion

Through field research, literature review, community dialogue platforms and interviews with experts and the public, our team made an inventory of regional resources and collected local issues, while operated an on-site network of local communities to accompany residents, and then built a resource exchange network with social groups to forward community development.


Our team also assisted in the communication of information on municipal plans, laws and policies, to dispel any misunderstanding caused by missed information between the public and private sectors. Furthermore, our team provided assistance to the initial formation of a public-private dialogue platform on general regional discussions, internalization of resident opinions, and reaching local consensus. Community development groups sought the appropriate resources to help community training, continually accompanying the community, and implemented the spirit of civil society after the implementation.


Continuous interacting dialogue and space transformation

During this project, our team handled a number of creative actions, constantly collected options from residents, and had interacting dialogue with local residents to improve community connections and activate local networks. By holding exhibitions, local markets, role-play experience events, understanding of the neighborhood, etc., we reached out to different groups and promoted citizen participation in community dialogue.


In terms of hardware, our team reconstructed and maintained the Changji corner space to hold administrative, display, communication and discussion events, as well as to apply the functions of policies, opinion collection, accumulating urban context documents and other services.


Execution year: 2015-2016

Authorizing Agency: Taipei city Urban Regeneration Office

Keywords: community development, urban regeneration, community planner,
Datong District, Changji Corner

  • 執行時間:2015-2016年

  • 委託單位:臺北市都市更新處

  • 執行團隊:景澤創意有限公司

  • 聯絡方式


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