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Environmental Education of Constructed Wetlands in New Taipei City










In recent years, The New Taipei City Government has established the landscape facilities of the Dahan River riverside park. The riverside park provides an ideal place for citizens to enjoy recreational and leisure activities. Hence, the New Taipei City Government actively promotes the environmental education of eight constructed wetlands along the Dahan River bank.


Constructed wetlands are important partners of the city

Constructed wetlands alleviate pollutions from domestic wastewater through its purification processes, and discharges the purified water into Dahan River, while contributing to the basic flow of the river. In addition, the constructed wetlands create a natural habitat that supports an abundance of plants while attracting diverse wildlife, and increases the vitality of the Dahan river bank. Therefore, the constructed wetlands have become excellent locations for promoting environmental education.


Guiding citizens to interact with constructed wetlands

Our team manages and trains the wetland Zhenshui volunteer group (濕地珍水志工隊), in association with the Dahan River Wetland Tourism Center, to provide high-quality guided walks services, based on the past ecological and cultural information acquired from the New Taipei City construction of the constructed wetlands. Moreover, our team has worked to expand the promotion of environmental education on wetlands by providing a variety of activities to citizens such as summer camps, experiencing rice harvesting, and wetland art festivals.


By introducing more wetland events and the continuing efforts of the wetland Zhenshui volunteer group, our team hope to guide the public to appreciate the connection between their lives and constructed wetlands, and thereby boost awareness on the importance of wetlands.


Execution year: 2015-2019

Authorizing Agency: New Taipei City Government: High Riverbank Construction Management Office

Keywords: environmental education of wetland, environmental education, volunteer training

  • 執行時間:2015年-2019年

  • 執行團隊:景澤創意有限公司

  • 聯絡方式

  • 主辦機關/客戶名稱:新北市政府高灘地工程管理處


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