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Citizen Participation and Community Development











Introducing art design into the neighborhood parks in Zhongshan District


There are more than 300 neighborhood parks in Taipei, scattered in every corner of the community. However, there are no parks with tailor-made design suited to its community.


Our team launched this project in Zhongan Park and Yongsheng Park located at Zhongshan District, Taipei city, hoping to flip traditional thinking and toward the concept of “Inclusive Playground,” and provide a friendly space for children with different needs to play and grow together.


Using workshops to bring together diverse opinions from relevant parties

Our team collected public needs and past successful cases in order to set the overall direction for the playground in the parks and as a result, tailor-made public spaces, combining local characteristics with public surveys and the creativity of professional designers, were shaped and built.


In order to understand the needs of the neighborhood parks, our team included citizen participation with the locals as the main audience, and invited experts, scholars, civic groups, and designers to establish dialogue. Moreover, professional planning and design were incorporated into the workshops, along with specialists in related fields, in order to assess the locals’ needs and innovate the redevelopment process.


Creating a playground meeting the needs of the community

Our team gathered the results of the workshop, opinion from experts, civic groups and designers to create a playground with innovative, unique and inclusive features that met the complete needs of the community. Our team also held design seminars for the neighborhood’s residents and the Chief of Village to explain the concept and vision of the designs.


In addition, our team integrated domestic and international research cases, along with the recommendations from community surveys, in order to conduct seminars and published a report that addresses the topic of neighborhood parks featuring inclusive playgrounds.


Execution year: 2017

Entrusted by: Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei city Government

Keywords: inclusive park, citizen participation

  • 執行時間:2017年

  • 主辦機關: 臺北市政府文化局

  • 執行團隊:景澤創意有限公司

  • 聯絡方式


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