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Taipei City Environmental Education Project of Green Energy














The goal of this project is to promote the concept of sustainable energy development in everyday life, In order to increase the public awareness of green energy, and to deeply root the importance of saving energy and carbon reduction into the hearts of Taipei residents.

Responding to Global Issues to Promote Green Energy in Taipei

Since the industrial revolution in the 18th century, human activities influencing the global climate have become more serious. Climate change is a global issue that urgently needs public attention. Developing green energy and enhancing sustainable living are the ways to solve this crisis.

The capital city of Taiwan, Taipei city, has the highest average electricity consumption per capita in the country, hence Taipei city promoted green energy education, increased green energy development, and implemented concepts of low- carbon living as the role model for the nation.

Green Energy Has Been Driven in Taipei Through Multiple Ways

Our team was commissioned to develop a green energy education strategy and action plan exclusively for Taipei City based on past research literature and survey data accumulated by citizen groups, and the understanding of the public regarding green energy was improved via various environmental education lectures and activities.

In addition, our team conducted a number of visits, guided tours and practical exhibitions to strengthen the promotion of "Taipei Energy Hill" and expand the concept of green energy, saving energy and reusing resources.


Execution year: 2016 – 2019

Authorizing Agency: Department of Environmental Protection, Taipei City Government

Keywords: citizen science, national spatial plan, citizen participation


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