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Environmental Education Promotion Plan of Bade Pond Ecological Parkin Taoyuan













Artificial ponds are scattered across the municipality of Taoyuan, which gave it its nickname of “Thousand-pond Township,” and this unique landscape derived from the need for water irrigation in the past.


In recent years, many artificial ponds have gradually been replaced by construction of schools, communities, government facilities, and the international airport due to the rise in population and demand for industry and commerce development.


Nowadays, nearly 3,000 artificial ponds are still retained, and our team hope to bridge the connection between people and artificial ponds through environmental education in Bade Pond Ecological Park.


Blending the old with the new park landscape

The park is located next to Xingfeng Road, Bade District, Taoyuan City, on public land which originally was filled with illegal buildings.


Since 2006, in order to preserve valuable natural resources such as the old growth trees and ponds, the park was designed with the core tenet of "Natural Ecology". Not only were the original vegetation and ponds retained, 10 additional ecological ponds were also artificially implemented into the park. In addition, the original Banyan Tree Green Walkway was incorporated to become the main entry to the park’s walkway and connected to the bicycle pathway.


In July 2008, Bade Pond Ecological Park was officially opened to the public and this new metropolitan park provided leisure and recreational use, education and landscape functions, all the while preserving the natural ecology and cultural history of the site.


Building a Pond Park with environmental education function

Our team set up the Bade Pond Ecological Park as the center for planning and implementing environmental education lessons, as well as managing local volunteers, to provide environmental education for the public. Outdoor environmental education courses and guided walks are used in order to introduce people to natural ecology, humanities and cultures, and the socioeconomic values of the artificial ponds in Taoyuan, and to recognize the importance of ponds to the local culture and natural environment.


Our team also assisted the park in the application for Environmental Education Facilities and Venues certification, which passed the certification process in November 2018.


The concept of sustainable management and localization is implemented in Bade Pond Ecological Park, and it allows visitors to understand the uniqueness and significance of artificial ponds in Taoyuan.


Execution year: 2017 - 2019

Authorizing Agency: Department of Public Works, Taoyuan

Keywords: Certification of Environmental Education Facilities and Venues, volunteer training, environment education of artificial pond, environmental education

  • 執行時間:2017年-2019年

  • 執行團隊:景澤創意有限公司

  • 聯絡方式

  • 主辦機關/客戶名稱:桃園市政府工務局


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