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Taipei City New Immigrants Multicultural Community Space Development Project












The number of new immigrants has continued to rise in Taiwan, and counseling for new immigrants is now one of the main policies of Taipei City. The Taipei City Government has provided assistance to new immigrants' life, such as employment opportunity and education, teaching new immigrants the national condition and related information, thereby blending cultural diversity into a component of a multi-cultural city.


Setting up the fundamental with basic surveys and analysis of current situation

Our team catalogued the current social welfare resources of new immigrants, by going through literature review and interviewing experts, scholars, non-governmental organizations and new immigrants. Afterwards an inventory of the Taipei City current space-use of the new immigrants was made by integrating basic surveys and situation analysis to set up the fundamental concept of community living space.


Using literature discussion and interviews, our team went into the coummunity to record the current living condition of new immigrants in Taiwan, and provided assistance for immigrants in application to numerous resources, to develop community advantage.


Explore and construct the new image

To encourage new immigrants to better understand the communities, and explore the neighboring environment, community map workshop and living space concept discussion were held to construct the image of their future living space. In addition, hometown food-sharing workshop was held to exchange exotic food and cultural experiences to expand the social network of new immigrants.


Our team also organized the community space and proposed follow-up management, communication and management programs for the future.


Execution year: 2015

Authorizing Agency: Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office

Keywords: community development, new immigrants, Datong district, Changji corner


・新住民多元文化社區深耕空間營造 印尼 / 新住民 新基地 Tempat baru bagi Penduduk baru

・新住民多元文化社區深耕空間營造 英文 / 新住民 新基地 New Immigrants New Space

・新住民多元文化社區深耕空間營造 越南 / 新住民 新基地 Cơ sở mới của Tân di dân

  • 執行時間:2015年

  • 主辦機關:臺北市都市更新處

  • 執行團隊:景澤創意有限公司

  • 聯絡方式


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