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海綿家族 | 新海二期人工濕地




大家對新海二期人工濕地最有印象的是什麼呢? 應該是連接板橋和新莊的 #新月橋 吧? 看著橋上散步的行人、騎著腳踏車運動的人們,搭配著美麗的夕陽與風景,新海二期人工濕地就是一個這麼chill的地方。

新海二期人工濕地面積為 5 公頃,每日可處理板橋區境內排出 4,000 噸民生污水,污水在沈沙池停留後,依序進入密植區、開闊水域、密植區與生態池單元,大約4天後就變為乾淨的水流回大漢溪囉!



更多詳細資訊歡迎追蹤 @大漢溪濕地生態廊道服務中心


濕地小教室 - 濕地的景觀遊憩功能





【Sponge Family | Xinhai Ⅱ Artificial Wetland】

: ”I like riding a bicycle the most. I can see the beautiful sunset after riding through the wetland! While the wind is blowing, I shake my handsome Crescent Bridge hairstyle, it's so cool! ”


What is the impression about the Xinhai Ⅱ Artificial Wetland? It should be the #Crescent Bridge that connects Banqiao and Xinzhuang, right? Looking at the pedestrians walking on the bridge, the people riding bicycles with beautiful sunset and scenery. Xinhai Ⅱ Artificial Wetland is such a chill place.

Xinhai Ⅱ Artificial Wetland covers an area of ​​5 hectares. It can treat 4,000 tons of domestic sewage discharged from Banqiao District every day. After the sewage stays in the sand sink, it enters the densely planted area, open water area, fully vegetated surface area and ecological pond unit in sequence. After about 4 days, it will turn into clean water and flow back to Dahan River!


Wetland Art Festival of New Taipei City is held under the Crescent Bridge every year. Visitors can not only appreciate the various creations created by artists using natural materials,and they can also participate in related activities. Through participation, we have the opportunity to experience how the wetland environment enriches our lives.

The River Stack of 2022 #Wetland Art Festival of New Taipei City has ended in January, People who missed it have to wait for next year!

For more details, welcome to follow @Dahan River Wetland Tourism Center


Wetland Classroom - Landscape Recreational Function of Wetlands

In addition to purifying sewage, creating artificial wetlands also provides living space for creatures. In turn, biodiversity can be nurtured.

When creating wetlands, based on the principle of ecological engineering design and construction to create diverse biological habitats, which can attract various insects and birds.

Come to the wetlands, in addition to being able to enjoy the corresponding landscape of wetlands, water and sky, you can also see all kinds of creatures. Bird watching, viewing, relaxing, walking, especially learning from nature, wetlands activate our living environment, demonstrating the value and benefit to all beings.

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