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Qingguang Creative Street Block











The traditional local market in the past has gradually evolved into the today's famous "Qingguang Creative Street Block", which is based on the Shuangcheng food Street and the shopping area of the Qingguang market, covering the neighborhood of Zhongshan North Road, Linsen North Road, Minzu East Road and Minquan East Road.


Old to New - Transformation through a comprehensive understanding of the neighborhood features

The Qingguang Creative Street Block merged the essences of the different time periods and diverse cultures of Taiwan. In 2017, the Department of Cultural Affairs of the Taipei City Government integrated ideas and visions for the neighborhoods of the Qingguang District through cultural and historical surveys and workshops. The Department of Cultural Affairs designed the Qingguang Block with cultural and historical resources to connect the local networks, and the creative features of the Qingguang Creative Street Block was shaped to be presented to the public.


Growing the economy of creation by encouraging communication and understanding in the neighborhoods

Our team proposed a project for the neighborhood to integrate the resources and ideas of the block in order to enhance the living quality of the region.


This project brought opportunities to increase awareness and experiences for the neighborhood through guided tours and creative renovation, as well as providing an occasion for cooperation between local creative workers and stores. The Qingguang Creative Street Block represents the creative features of the neighborhoods and showed visitors the unique atmosphere of the life in the Qingguang area, as well as providing a boost to the economy for the locals.


Execution year: 2017

Authorizing agency: The Department of Cultural Affairs of Taipei City Government

Keywords: community development, citizen participation, shopping zone activation

  • 執行時間:2017

  • 主辦機關:臺北市政府文化局

  • 執行團隊:景澤創意有限公司

  • 聯絡方式


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