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Participatory Budgeting and repurposing of space near the Neighborhood of Xindian Elementary School












In order to repurpose the unused space around the Xindian Elementary School, our team used “Space Repurposing” as the central operating theme with “Participatory Budgeting” as a tool to guide the public to participate in public affairs, and have an influence on each other through community workshops, on-site work, proposal counseling, communication and voting to promote community awareness.


Participatory budgeting training for the community  

Through organizing events such as community interviews, on-site work, centennial tree event series, participatory budget fairs, living room symposium, etc., the community was able to understand the meaning of participatory budgeting. Our team then organized participatory budget workshops and developed proposal and regulations to raise the effectiveness of the promotion of such events.


In addition, our team organized proposal workshops to share “Space Repurposing” cases domestically and internationally with the community, to establish a community-drive self-governing system for the inception of the proposal. Then based on the proposed idea of a fair outlined in the workshop, we offered opportunities for public announcement of the content by the proposer, after which experts and scholars gave feedbacks and suggestions, which further increased the feasibility of the proposal, as well as bringing public attention to the issue.


Publishing platform provides reflection of the public

In the process of this workshop, a publishing platform was held so proposers could express the details of their plan and concepts. Lastly, a vote was held, followed up with an experience sharing forum to expand public participation, discuss the vision of the locals and provide references for future developments.


From these series of activities, the consensus and expectation of the idle space for public were arranged and addressed, as well as bringing historical context to local cultural events, and provide a sightseeing highlight for the area, while the repurposed idle space promoted the local culture.


Execution year: 2016

Authorizing Agency: New Urban City Government Urban and Rural Development

Keywords: repurpose space, participatory budgeting

20160924新店國小 提案園遊會



  • 執行時間:2016年

  • 主辦機關:新北市政府城鄉發展局

  • 執行團隊:景澤創意有限公司

  • 聯絡方式


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