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Expanding application functions of Taoyuan Citizen Card with citizen participation project
















2019 SCAPA得獎名單


In recent years, Taoyuan City Government has been committed to participatory budgeting to improve citizen participation. This project used the concept of participatory budgeting to invite Taoyuan citizens to think about the function expansion plan of the Citizen Card from their perspectives, and uses a bottom-up approach to provide maximum benefits to all.


Attracting people with games and market

In order to reach out to every target groups, our team set up public participation events such as games and markets activities, and promoted follow-up events as well as provide publicity briefings to further participation. While recruiting reviewers, our team also trained local volunteers so that they can gain experiences of citizen participation for public policies. This project not only provided opportunities for local students to participate in public policy-making, but also improve public sectors to well understand the participatory processes.


In-depth understanding and discussion with workshops

Our team planned a number of workshops to extend multiple functions of the citizen card. In one of the special workshops, an expert keynote speech was held, which enhanced the citizen understanding of the citizen card function and issues, and addressed the relevant programs for the citizen card application. The public needs of the different regions was comprehensively collected through the workshops.


At the proposal stage, workshops were held with relevant experts and representatives from the governing authorities, and public groups were invited to participate. Suggestions based on feasibility, publicness, creativity, etc. helped the proposal to be more refined. The proposal was then announced and a poll was held to expand the follow-up voting campaign. Our team selected places where crowds gathered to organize tours and display exhibits, while on-site and online voting were included to expand participation.


From the launch of the promotion and publicity briefings to generating motivation for the public, this project went through debate and discussion, not just for providing improved functions and revitalizing the Taoyuan Citizen Cards, but also created a process of learning and democracy for the public.


Execution year: 2017

Authorizing Agency: Department of Information Technology, Taoyuan

Keywords: citizen participation, participatory budgeting, volunteer training

  • 執行時間:2018年

  • 主辦機關:桃園市政府資訊科技局

  • 執行團隊:景澤創意有限公司

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